Dr. Angela Vitale

Driving home from college, broke, and frustrated with life begins the story of Dr. Angela Vitale’s 25 year chiropractic journey.  Needing a job she found an ad in the local newspaper for a chiropractic assistant; she applied and was hired. She had no idea what a chiropractor was or what they did, but she quickly learned and was promoted to office manager.

From a very early age, Dr. Vitale suffered from severe headaches and eventually developed debilitating jaw pain.  She had xrays of her head, multiple prescriptions for muscle relaxers and headache pain, but the headaches kept coming.  Her dentist told her she would need surgery on her jaw, even though he didn’t know why her jaw hurt.

Working in a chiropractic office allowed Dr. Vitale to become a patient and experience first hand how chiropractic allows the body to function normally through natural means.  Starting under a corrective chiropractic program, Dr. Vitale’s life for was forever changed. The frequent headache episodes began to go away and the debilitating jaw pain completely resolved after only three months of  chiropractic adjustments! Dr. Vitale knew her heart was leading her to pursue a career in Chiropractic.

She graduated from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 2006. Being a Michigan native, she named her office Great Lakes Chiropractic to reflect the breathtaking beauty of Lake Superior, her favorite summer time destination.

Dr. Vitale is an avid hiker, skier and snowshoer. Her passions are playing in nature as well as helping her community achieve the highest quality of life possible through regular chiropractic care.