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Ways to prepare for winter and tips to ease muscle tension

By December 8, 2022

Why You Should See Your Chiropractor Before Winter Begins

The temperature is quickly dropping, and chilly weather can mean a variety of things to us. For many, the excitement of winter activities like ice skating and tobogganing begin. For others there are winter fairs and markets. For some it’s preparing for the holidays and spending time indoors with loved ones and warm blankets. Whatever your reason is for loving winter, there is also a reason to ensure you continue to have regular visits with us.

Here are a few reasons you should not skip your chiropractic care in the winter: 

Cold Weather Can Lead to Joint Pain

Stiffness, achy joints, and soreness increase in the cold weather. The combination of stiff muscles due to extreme temperatures, changes in barometric pressure and flu season can cause your joints to become inflamed and more painful than usual. The fluid that helps our joints remain lubricated can be affected by cold temperatures, which is why Chiropractic can become the most valuable player in your healthcare team over the winter months. The work we do will help loosen up the fluid in your joints so it can flow more freely. Not only that, but reminders about how to safely keep yourself warm, along with natural ways to keep your immune system functioning optimally will all create a system for your body that will allow you to enjoy the winter months pain free. 

Cold Weather Leads to Inactivity

Hibernating is for the bears, not people. It does us a disservice to be ultra active in the warm months, only to undo our fitness all winter. It can be harder to muster up the motivation to get out and exercise. Putting on weight can add extra stress to your joints, and can lead to difficulties in repairing injuries that can happen when the snow and ice take over. Regular adjustments can help you to remain limber, and your chiropractor can help you remain on top of your physical fitness. Whether it’s accountability or coming up with new ways to move your body indoors, visiting your chiropractor in preparation for the winter months will always benefit your overall health. 

Don’t Wait for an Injury

Ultimately, the goal should be to have regular chiropractic visits as a part of your regular health routine. Being proactive with your health will always be the best course of action. Preventative health care will save you money, time away from work and family, and will allow you to have a better quality of life. Waiting for an injury rather than putting your body in a position to avoid one is not your best course of action, and we are here to help you with this every step of the way.

A Better Way to Enjoy Winter

You don’t have to love winter, you don’t even have to like winter; but we want you to have the tools to be safe and healthy. Whatever your winter activities consist of, even if it’s binge watching television, we want you to be comfortable and pain free. Finding ways to fit physical fitness into your days is important, and so is finding ways to slow down if you’re an active winter person. Adjustments will keep your joints lubricated, they’ll keep your immune system functioning and more than anything, they’ll keep you in alignment so you don’t develop pesky injuries that can compromise your ability to choose how active you will be!

If chiropractic care isn’t a regular component of your care, make sure you reach out to us for a Chiropractic assessment. You wouldn’t drive a car that hasn’t had a winter tune up, make sure you are putting the same maintenance into your body.

Treat Muscle Tension with Chiropractic Care

Many people believe that the best intervention is massage or physiotherapy when it comes to treating muscle pain or tension. Most understand that pain or discomfort comes from tense, knotted muscles. While this may be somewhat true, chiropractic care can play an essential role in relieving muscle tension. Massage and physiotherapy are equally important, but don’t rule out Chiropractic as a part of this recovery equation.

What Causes Muscle Tension?

For the most part, acute cases are often the result of recent injuries. Still, long-lasting muscle tension can be caused by repetitive activities like sports, unusual sleep positions, lack of sleep, emotional stress, unhealed past injuries, and working at a desk. We all know how being too sedentary can have very poor physical outcomes.

Muscle tension is generally tied to poor posture and a misaligned spine.

How Chiropractic can Help

We will assess you while asking questions about your habits, rest and wake patterns, and activity level. An adjustment can take place to correct vertebrae subluxation in your spine. The adjustment goal is to restore the proper alignment of your spine while instigating the nerve impulses that will allow your muscles to relax.

Muscles are attached to bone and tendons, which means when the spine is misaligned, the tendons pull on muscles, causing tension.

Adjustments can help with many causes of muscle pain and tension. Chiropractors work in a way that addresses body function, alleviating the cause of the discomfort you are experiencing.

Alternatively, tight muscles or spasms can cause misalignment in the bones and vertebrae, which can cause or exacerbate misalignment.

Whatever the Cause, We Can Help

There is no right or wrong answer to muscle tension regarding care delivery. Massage, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care complement each other regarding uncovering methods to treat and prevent injuries, muscle tension, and other issues related to a misaligned spine.

It’s Best to be Proactive

Making chiropractic care a part of your primary routine as a preventative measure is always the best course of action. Years of muscle tension can undoubtedly be prevented in many cases.

If you are not already connected to a chiropractic care team, I encourage you to call our office and begin the process of receiving corrective Chiropractic care.