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July 2019

Runner or a Golfer? You will want to read this!

By Newsletter

How Your Chiropractor Can Help With Your Golf Game

Now that the Golf season is in full swing…. I know you have been dusting off those clubs and getting onto the course to refocus on this short season!

The warm weather may have you feeling like you just want to jump right back into your game, but if you haven’t been warming up with practice or physical activities throughout the winter season, you may find yourself in some trouble.

Taking your time to prepare yourself can be frustrating, but what’s more frustrating is developing an injury this early in the season (or any time for that matter).

There are some common injuries for golfers, the ones we seem to treat the most are:

Lower Back Pain. Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries in golfers. The perfect swing in golf is what every golfer strives for, however even the most well executed swing can cause injury. The loose movements and the bending are what cause the most trouble.

Golfers Elbow. Golfers Elbow can cause a significant amount of discomfort in the elbow. This pain begins in the elbow, and radiates all the way to the wrist. Although this injury can be caused by other movements or activities, golfers are commonly afflicted as a result of switching grips and and holding the club too tightly.

Wrist Pain. For all of you golfers who have hit the ground with the club, or have taken several swings before making contact with the ball – you know how easily you can develop a wrist injury.

Shoulder Pain. It’s not uncommon for even avid golfers to use their arms too much when they swing. The result of this is an irritated AC joint and pain in the front of the shoulder.

Preventing Injuries

Obviously proper swing mechanics are what will ultimately improve your game and reduce the number or severity of your injuries. The truth is, you use your entire body to swing a golf club, and the repetitive motion will cause irritation to muscles, tendons, and joints without perfect form.

So what’s the solution?

Correct posture for starters. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and rotate slightly outward with your knees slightly bent. The key here is to avoid hunching over the ball which will lead to back and neck strain.

Ensure you are transferring the power/energy through your body evenly and smoothly. The real power of a golf swing comes from the smooth force delivered through all of the muscle groups. If you focus on one muscle group you are more likely to injure yourself, and to not have a perfect swing. You will be most likely to injure your back, wrists, or shoulders.

The Overswing.

It’s common for new golfers to think that the more “powerful” the swing, the further the ball will go. Like previously stated, hitting the ball as hard as you can will not only cause injury, but it really doesn’t make the ball go any further. The stress on your joints just isn’t necessary, what is necessary is a consistent tempo when you swing, using the momentum of a fluid motion.

Stretching is KEY. As a Chiropractor, I cannot stress the importance of stretching any more than I already do. Proactively seeing us  will allow you to benefit from a unique, catered stretching regimen and program of care, designed just for you.

Be Mindful of How You Carry Your Clubs!

Many golfing injuries we see are a direct result of lifting and carrying the golf bag and clubs. The way you carry and lift your bag should be like carrying any other heavy items. Bend at the knees always, and keep your back straight.

How Can Chiropractic Help?

You use your entire body when golfing. With this in mind, it means Chiropractic can help in several ways as preventative and post injury care. Preventative measures include spinal adjustments, stretches, rehabilitative exercises, and more.

Whether you are a recreational golfer, or an avid enthusiast you should talk to myself about how you can prevent injuries BEFORE you hit the course. Working together will allow you to identify areas of improvement before injuries occur.

Outdoor Running Season and Your Chiropractic Care

Running outdoors comes with so many health benefits! Aside from fresh air and sunshine; weight control, cardiovascular health, decreased cholesterol, and stress relief are just a few. For those who are runners, you know the freedom you feel is immeasurable.

But Running Can Be Hard on Your Body

There is a downside as well. Aside from all of these wonderful benefits, it can cause injuries to your body that can be tricky to heal. The most common being tendonitis, shin splints, ankle sprains, knee strains, hip pain, and plantar fasciitis. If you have experienced any of these injuries, you know how intrusive they can become to your everyday activities aside from running.

Preventative Measures are Important

The key really, is to not get injured to begin with. And while this may seem fairly common sense, there are subtleties in your gait or your athletic ability that can contribute to longer term problems.

Ensuring you have good, high quality running shoes is a given, but committing to your chiropractic care is just as important. Those who are regular runners have shown to have fewer injuries when they make Chiropractic care a regular part of their routine.

Even with resulting injuries, Chiropractic can help

Unfortunately, the first thing we recommend to runners with an injury is to stop running to allow your body the time it needs to heal. Most runners have worked hard on their stamina and fear losing it by interrupting their routine. But the truth is, your body needs to heal, and you will quickly rebuild your stamina once you are healed through muscle memory.

I help with runners who have injured themselves through the repetitive motions involved in running regularly. With the use of adjustments and affiliated services like massage therapy, physiotherapy, and nutrition – your body will be treated as whole.

Once your joints are relaxed and loose, you will have an improvement in your flexibility and movement which will help to improve your gait and your run times. While I’d love to say I can guarantee an increase in speed, your unrestricted joints will help you to move more freely and reduce the risk of developing more injuries.

The reason alignments are required for runners is that if your spine is even slightly out of alignment, it can make other parts of your body feel weaker and more susceptible to injury. The slightest misalignment can have a ripple effect on the rest of the body. The constant jarring motion on your body that happens during a run can be counteracted and managed through regular adjustments and maintenance.

Chiropractic care in this aspect can simply make sure your body is in prime running condition so it can resist injury. If an injury does occur, it can be promptly and effectively managed by a Chiropractor like myself.

Overall, a Chiropractor like myself, along with my health team are experts in ensuring your body is in the best shape it can be. Preventing injuries is the primary goal, but when injuries do occur, you can be sure they will be dealt with before further damage can develop.

If you are a runner, or are considering starting a running regimen, contact myself for guidance in injury prevention.