Dr. Vitale is dedicated to mastering and providing the most effective and safe chiropractic procedures. She is trained to deliver most of the standard chiropractic techniques and also offers specialized procedures such as:

Impulse Adjusting

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Impulse Adjusting Instrument®

Have you ever been on a chiropractor’s table, just cringing (and trying not to tense up!) in anticipation of a manipulation? The patented Impulse Adjusting Instrument® delivers an adjustment 100 times faster than a manual adjustment—so fast that your body does not have time to tense up and resist. The micro-computer circuitry in this instrument enables the chiropractor to fine-tune the strength of the force, depending on the condition and the area of the body.

Webster Pregnancy Technique

The Webster Technique is an established and well-known chiropractic treatment to support a woman’s changing body throughout the pregnancy. In short, it promotes ideal positioning of the baby and relieves the strain on muscles, ligaments, and nerves affected by shifting vertebrae and other musculoskeletal structures.

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Gentle Infant Chiropractic

We specialize in chiropractic techniques that are appropriate and beneficial for pregnant women and infants. 

The vast majority of pregnant moms experience lower back pain and related discomfort during the course of their pregnancies. It’s no wonder…pregnancy can add 20 pounds or more and the weight is shifted forward toward the pelvis. Lower back curvature is increased. Late in the pregnancy, the baby’s head can press on areas of the body affecting the sciatic nerve. 

Dr. Angela Vitale specializes in working with pregnant moms using safe, low-force manipulation techniques in conjunction with postural and mat exercises to relieve pain. We also feature the Webster Technique for adjustments that promote an easier labor experience and ideal fetal positioning. A new mom’s chiropractic care should continue after childbirth as the body returns to its pre-pregnancy condition.

The baby’s transition from life in the womb to the outside world can be traumatic. During this period of rapid development, gentle chiropractic massage techniques can promote spinal alignment and nervous system health and may reduce instances of constipation, ear infections, colic, and rashes.